Difference Between GU10 And MR16 Ceiling Light

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  • Date:2022/01/19

The GU10 ceiling light and MR16 ceiling light are the two main types of floodlights used in homes today. Most people have these in their kitchen and/or living room, and unfortunately, existing halogen spotlights are very expensive to operate. Both are very similar in appearance. The MR16 ceiling light is a popular choice for downlights in cabinets, display cases, and ceilings. Its compact size and beam control make it an excellent choice for low-voltage and track lighting applications. Despite its name, MR16 bulbs are not compatible with recessed or track lighting. Instead, these lights use a traditional halogen lamp. If you are in the market for a downlight, here are some tips to choose the right one.


Jiadong is rich in producing MR16 led ceiling light manufacturer, we view it as the "halogen-free" bulb. These bulbs produce light that is clear without harsh shadows. Moreover, unlike their fluorescent counterparts, MR16 lights never sit straight on the wall. Instead, they're always set at a certain angle. This makes them suitable for soothing lighting applications. But the type of light you need depends on its main component. For the highest efficiency and energy savings, opt for ceiling lights.


Choosing an MR16 is a relatively simple process. To replace your current halogen bulbs with an LED bulb, you'll need to remove the existing lamp holder and transformer and replace it with an MR16 lamp. You should find that the installation process is very simple and inexpensive if you hire an electrician. You can also select the MR16 ceiling light with a lower voltage and energy consumption. And, since these lights are more effective than traditional halogens, you'll find that you'll get the same results.


The main difference is that GU10 bulbs operate on 240 volts (the same voltage that the mains supply), while MR16 bulbs operate on only 12 volts. Therefore, MR16 bulbs require an external transformer to convert the building's 240 volt mains supply to the 12 volts needed to operate the bulb. With the GU10, you just plug it in and go.


Difference between GU10 and MR16

The MR16 has 2 thin pins on the base, while the GU10 has 2 tabs on the ends of the pins.


Why is this important?

Now that you have successfully identified your lights, you have two options. If it is a GU10, you can simply replace it with the GU10 LED equivalent. However, if it is an MR16, we strongly recommend upgrading to a GU10. This will give you more options for your modern led ceiling lights options, including smooth dimming. The dimming system of the MR16 LED can be very unreliable, while the GU10 provides excellent light quality. It will save you money.


MR16s are generally more expensive and their unreliable nature means they are more likely to need replacing. Replacing old MR16s with MR16 LEDs can be tricky because you'll also need to switch each bulb's transformer to an LED-compatible version. We always recommend hiring a qualified electrician, but if you feel comfortable with basic electrical work, you may choose to do it yourself. Or any questions you can contact us via email through the website.




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