How To Choose The Right Fixture For Your Needs ?

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  • Date:2022/03/03

Track lights are installed on ceilings and walls where performance and adaptability are required. These lights are ideal for directional lighting such as: focusing light on artwork or other objects and task lighting. Track lighting is flexible, so it's easy to adjust lights to match rearranged furniture, and this lighting solution is the best choice for places where recessed lighting can't be installed.




What to Consider Before Choosing a Track Lighting Unit ?

Track Type: Track lighting systems can be inline or low voltage, single circuit or dual circuit, flexible or straight. Before purchasing track lighting fixtures for your track lighting system, you need to decide what type of track you have or what type of track you want to buy. Keep in mind that not all fixtures will be compatible with all track systems. Fixtures are determined by the manufacturer, adapter standard and voltage required for the track you have.


Layout: The track light you have is straight or flexible, and it has a single-circuit or dual-circuit configuration. In addition, the lighting system is either mounted directly to the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. Consider these factors when choosing the type of fixture you need. You can configure your desired layout for your track lighting system using track connectors and different track lengths.


How To Choose Your Personal Light ?

To choose the right fixture for your track lighting system, you need to determine if the fixture is compatible with your existing track system. Also consider what is lit. Luminaires installed to illuminate works of art are often different from those used for general lighting. In addition, the diameter and brightness of the lamps vary.


Start Your Search With Superior Lighting

Superior Lighting offers a wide variety of light kits, tracks, track heads, track accessories, and track lighting power connectors to meet all of your track lighting needs. Track lighting systems are commonly installed in art galleries, retail stores, restaurants and kitchens.




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