Top 5 Downlight Lighting Manufacturers In 2021

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  • Date:2021/07/30

Lighting plays an indispensable roles in our daily life, Almost every night we can see the colorful lighting in our street, Here, we share top 5 bracket downlight manufactuurers in 2021.

Location: Foshan, China

Year Founded: 2008

Company Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Key Products: E27 Traditional Downlight

Founded in 2008, Jia Dong Lighting has strived to design beautiful appearance and high quality products to meet our customers’ requirement. From IQC incoming inspection, production control to finished product inspection, every process, we have strict and meticulous standards to control the quality. Our products have CE and Rohs certificates.


their mainly products as follows:




Location: U.S.A ,

Year Founded: 1987

Company Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Key Products: 3" Led Adjustable Downlight


Founded in 1987, Tech Lighting has continuously led the adoption of emerging technologies and challenged traditional norms in lighting. By collaborating closely with lighting and interior designers to understand their needs and solve their toughest challenges, Tech Lighting has gained broad recognition for balancing a passion for every design detail with an appreciation for the way fixtures illuminate a space.


their mainly products as follows:


  • Entra 3" Led Cylinders Adjustable
  • Entra 3" Led Cylinders Fixed
  • 2" Ultra-Shallow Fixed
  • Element 3" Led Next Generation Downlights



Location: U.S.A

Year Founded: 1978

Company Type: Lighting Supplier

Key Products: LED 6 Inch Retrofit Lights for Recessed Cans

Superior Lighting was established in 1978 and its mission is to help our customers choose the most energy efficient lighting. With the increased need for Humans to conserve energy, Superior Lighting is now more committed than ever to reduce themselves and their customers' impact on the environment.


their mainly products as follows:


  • 4", 5"/6" LED Direct Wire Downlights
  • LED Square Trim Recessed Downlight Retrofit
  • Commercial LED Recessed Downlight Retrofits



Location: U.S.A

Year Founded: 1996

Company Type: Lighting Manufacturing

Key Products: Architectural/Commercial-grade recessed (COB) Chip on Board Beam Control LED


Liton Lighting was founded in 1996 on the principles of remarkable design and reliable craftsmanship. Since its inception, Liton Lighting has been a leader in Specification Grade, Commercial and Residential recessed and track lighting.

their mainly products as follows:


  • LRLD1393 : 3" Baffle (700lm/1000lm)
  • 8" Lumen Cannon LED Pendant Architectural Downlight
  • New Cylopro Adjustable Accent Series





Location: U.S.A

Year Founded: 2011

Company Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Key Products: LED Corn Bulb


Founded in 2011 by CEO David Lu, HomElectrical was created with a focus on providing businesses with efficient products to meet their individual needs. Lu also saw the importance of remaining environmentally conscious and wanted to spread the idea of lowering our carbon footprint while decreasing costs with a green initiative and LED technology.


their mainly products as follows:


  • LED Linear Fixture
  • CyberTech 3" LED Dedicated Recessed Can
  • Hygienic Tray Loading Applications
  • Satco Freedom Square 6" Downlight Trim Option


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