Types of Traditional Housing Light Idea

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  • Date:2021/11/10

Perceiving the specific types of track lighting housing brackets is vital in shopping for lighting. The type of installation required depends on the needs and location of the fixture. Although pendant, wall, and ceiling installations all follow the same installation techniques and can be roughly defined as surface installation, they all have their own specifications and applications.


Surface mounted lights

Surface mounted lights are located above a flat surface (such as the flat part of a ceiling) and protrude from the surface. The surface installation which is specifically installed on the ceiling is also referred to as ceiling installation. This type of lighting comes in different shapes and sizes and is ideal for environments where the space between the structural ceiling and the drop ceiling is small or the ceiling is exposed. In these cases, recessed lighting is difficult or almost impossible to install. These types of lamp holders can also be installed with almost no change to the surface they are installed on.


Ceiling light

Ceiling installation can be divided into two categories: recessed installation and semi-recessed installation. Recessed luminaires have no gaps or gaps between the luminaire itself and the ceiling. However, semi-recessed mounted lamps have a small gap between the lamp and the ceiling. Semi-recessed lights are comparable to chandeliers, but their hanging positions are not as low as chandeliers. These two types of ceiling light housing brackets are very suitable for places with low ceilings because they take up very little space.



Hanging brackets are fixed devices that are suspended from the ceiling and suspended by a device, whether it is a pipe, pipe, metal rod, rope, or chain. These types of lighting devices allow light to be directed downward from the light source.


Wall light Lamp

Wall lamps, sometimes called wall lamps, are installed on a flat wall and protrude from the surface of the wall. There are a variety of different shapes and configurations of wall lights that can be mounted, lowered, or aligned with the wall to diffuse light. These types of lights are very common in homes, indoor and outdoor dining rooms, living rooms, decks, porches, and walkways next to the house. They are also common in medical facilities such as doctors 'and dentists' offices.


Whether you are looking for lamps for commercial or industrial use, JiaDong offers a variety of lighting brackets and fixtures, such as the MR16 and GU10 surface wall Lamps, which are ideal for commercial and industrial use.




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